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Does Your Car Suspension Need Attention?

Your suspension is responsible for connecting your wheels to your vehicle, controlling your handling, and delivering a good ride. Your suspension is crucial for appropriate steering, stopping, and stability.

We all know the streets around the St. Louis area can be rough (we're looking at you, I-44)! Every time you hit a pothole, a bump, or an object in the road, your suspension system is responsible for absorbing the blow and maintaining control of the car. But, how many of these hits can your suspension take? How do you know it's time to get it checked?

#1 - Pulls to One Side

Your car wants to drift to the left or right. You shouldn't have to constantly steer in the opposite direction to keep the vehicle going straight.

#2 - Wanders

You may notice a floaty or drifting sensation when taking sharp turns. Your car may sway or rock when rounding corners.

#3 - Abnormal Noises

Your car squeaks, clanks, or knocks whenever you go over bumps and uneven roads. Loud noises can alert you that you may have loose or broken suspension pieces.

#4 - Poor Ride/Handling

Your car is suddenly less comfortable to drive. You could also feel the front end diving, or lurching, excessively forward under braking. Comparably, the back end can "squat" when you accelerate, causing the front end to come up.

#5 - Excessive Bouncing

You may feel every little bump you go over. which can cause the car to bounce excessively over them. Not only can it make your vehicle less comfortable to drive, but it can also impact handling balance. The weight of the vehicle would bounce erratically as you drive.

The Bounce Test

If you've noticed any of these signs of poor suspension, try performing a bounce test! Push down on the front of your car a few times so it starts bouncing, or rocking. After you let it go, your car should only bounce a couple of times on its own. If it keeps bouncing more than a few times, you may have a worn suspension. You can also try it at the rear of your vehicle.

The suspension system in your vehicle can be easy to forget about, and sometimes it takes a replacement for you to realize how bad its gotten. If you think it may be time to have your suspension checked out by a mechanic, give Selbert's Auto Body call.

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