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Tips to Extend the Life of your Car Battery

Batteries are a big part of our everyday lives here in Eureka, MO. Think about it, how many chargers do you own for all your various electronics?

Obviously, we are here to talk about your vehicle's battery. When people come to Selbert's Auto Body and need a battery replacement, they probably aren't real happy to be spending the money. But, did you know most car batteries won't make it past 4 years?

However, there are a few things you can do to help get the most out of your battery life.

Keep it Clean

Have you ever noticed the corrosion that can build up around the terminals? Or maybe dirt and grease build up? All that gunk forces your battery to run hotter than usual, which in turn, shortens battery life.

Don't Run it Down

Things like running the headlights, or dome lights, or watching a DVD player while the car is turned off can severely deplete your car's battery. An average battery can only handle about 10 of these deep cycle depletions before it completely quits.

Short Trips

A lot of us usually take short trips around Eureka with frequent stops for errands, batteries don't get a chance to fully recharge just by driving around. This causes, you guessed it, your battery life to shorten. You can always hook up a decent battery charger at your home every now and then. What do we recommend? Once a month during the hotter summer months, and every 3 months during the colder part of the year.


When it's finally time to get a new car battery, Selbert's can help you find the right one that will fit your needs. We will always make sure to meet your vehicle manufacturer's required guidelines. If it's time, give us a call!

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